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01 December 2020

EU Project #keepup celebrates virtual Kick-Off Meeting


Setting the ground for digital competences, e-commerce skills and climate adaptation development of vulnerable small businesses

We are glad to announce that #keepup project – “Enhancing the digital competences, e-commerce skills and climate adaptation of vulnerable small businesses”, submitted in April 2020, has been selected for funding within the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

During the 27-month project, starting in October 2020, training materials will be developed on the fields of e-commerce, climate adaptation and digital competences. The #keepup project comprises a consortium of 6 project partners including Hungary (Neumann János Nonprofit Közhasznú Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság and CAM Consulting Szolgaltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság), Italy (European Digital Learning Network), Slovakia (Taliansko Slovenska Obchodna Komora), Slovenia (BSC, Poslovno Podporni Center, doo) and Spain (Fundacion Tecnologia Social).

Small businesses are more vulnerable and have less opportunities to compete with large transnational companies. Innovative digital solutions could provide efficient tools for these businesses to overcome their challenges.

The project aims to help these businesses to benefit from the advantages of internet, social media and e-commerce. With the help of these skills, small rural businesses will be able to exploit the ICT opportunities and manage their work in a more efficient way while also achieving cost savings.

The #keepup project, kicked off virtually on December 1st. The project is coordinated by Neumann Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., a non-profit company owned by the Hungarian State that provides public services as a partner institution of the Hungarian Ministry for Innovation and Technology.

Under the #keepup project, the consortium will organize multiplier events in order to present and promote the progress and outputs of the project for the stakeholders.